Insulating Mat for Electrical Purpose (ISO:15652/2006)
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Human safety is the prime concern of the mat developed for electrical purpose
and shall be used as floor covering for the protection of workers on AC & DC installations with
the system voltages upto 66 kV ac & 240 V dc.

Insulating Mat made for Highly Electrical resistant Elastomer, free from any insertions (includes rubbers, latex and Elastomeric compound that may be natural or synthetic or a mixture or a combination of both)

Upper surface of the mat is having small anti-skid aberration marks (rough surface without edges) to avoid slippery effects and lower surface is plane.

a) Length & Width : Standard sizes are 01 x 02 & 1.2 x 2.4 Mtrs.
b) Thickness as per classification & designation*
Sl. No. Class of Mat Thickness (mm) Tolerance (%) ac (rms) kV dc (rms) V
1. A 2.0 ± 10 3.3 240
2. B 2.50 ± 10 11 240
3. C 3.0 ± 10 33 240
Sl. No. Class of Mat Thickness (mm) Di-electric Strength ac (rms) kV Proof Voltage ac (rms) kV
1. A 2.0 30 10
2. B 2.50 45 22
3. C 3.0 65 36
Working Temp. Range:
-10 to 55º C
Silent Features of the Mats:
1. Flame Retardant
2. Low Temperature Resistance
3. Acid/Alkalis & Oil Resistant
4. Insulation Resistance with water
5. Low leakage Currentº C
Areas of application/use:
1 All kind of electric Sub-Stations
2. Transformer rooms
3. Lift Machine Rooms
4. Switch Rooms,
5. electrical panels
6. AC Plant Rooms
7. X-Ray Plant Rooms
8. LT/HT Labs
9. Around Bus Bars
10. Generator Rooms etc.
Recommendation for Use of Mats:
  • For obtaining max. practical safety in adverse working conditions, the mat should be permanently pasted with the help of suitable adhesive/resin.
  • All joints and covers shall be filled/covered with insulating materials of matching colours.
  • Joints waterproofing compound should be used to protect insulating & electrical properties from moisture.
  • Contact with petrol/diesel/paraffin or white spirit and strong acid/alkalis should be avoided.
Please refer to BIS document (IS:15652-2006) for detailed specifications
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