General Purpose Rubber Hose
IS: 444 - Type-1
CM/L No: - 8422874
Working Pressure: - 6 kgf/cm2
Minimum Bursting Pressure: - 19 kgf/ cm2

IS: 444 Type-2
CM/L No:- 8422874
Working Pressure:- 10kgf/ cm2
Minimum Bursting Pressure:- 32 kgf/ cm2
IS: 444 Type-3A
CM/L No:- 8422874
Working Pressure:- 25 kgf/ cm2
Minimum Bursting Pressure:- 80 kgf/ cm2

Nominal Bore ID (mm):
10.0 mm to 100.0 mm

Tube: Uniform seamless lining of natural or blend of natural & synthetic rubber.

Reinforcement: Plies of woven fabric or braiding textile of high strength synthetic fiber.

Cover: Black, smooth, cloth marked finish plain or ribbed cover of weather and abrasion resistant rubber.

This Hose is used for water delivery purpose which has a wide range of applications in various industries like Mines, Dams, Railway, Construction Sites & in Fire Fighting works etc.

Service Temperature Range:-
-40o F to +158o F
Type-1, Type-3A are ISI Marked up to 50 mm NB.
And Type-2 is ISI Marked up to 100 mm NB.