First Aid Hose Reel For Fire Fighting

Technical Specifications
Conforming Specification: IS: 884/1985, CM/L No: 8930085
Type: Wall Mounted Fixed/ Swinging Type
Size: Inlet: 1” Threaded Inlet Connection
Outlet: ¾”, 1”, 1-1/2” outlet connection for Hose to accommodate 30/36/40 Mtrs Hoses.
Hose: Rubber Braided Hose Pipes Conforming to IS: 444/1987
Type-1, 2,3A & 3B (Duly ISI Marked)
Performance Test: Hydrostatic Test (Body Test): Tested at 21 kgf/ cm2
Range & Water Flow rate test at 7 kgf/ cm2
Discharge: 24 LPM